Wednesday, December 08, 2021

  1. The maximum number of authors of one manuscript is five.
  2. Each participant can submit a maximum of two manuscripts (one as the main author and one as a co-author).
  3. The volume of the manuscript: up to 14,000 characters (excluding the list of references).
  4. Manuscripts written in both English and Russian are accepted for consideration.
  5. Format of manuscripts: exclusively doc or docx.
  6. The submitted text of manuscript must strictly correspond the problems of the Conference and reflect results of theoretical and experimental research. Only original manuscripts are accepted for consideration.
  7. Graphic images must be translated into English (if the manuscript is submitted in English) or submitted in an editable format (if the manuscript is submitted in Russian).
  8. The manuscripts should have the following sections: "Introduction", "Methodology", "Results", "Discussion", "Conclusion", "References". Information about financial support is indicated in the section "Acknowledgments" after the "Conclusion".
  9. If the study used original statistical data, then the authors must provide replication data (questionnaires (questionnaires), research protocols, collected and raw statistical data in any form), which will be published together with the text. This step is an important element in preventing data falsification and provides an additional opportunity to verify the analysis made by the authors.
  10. Intratext references to literature and the list of references itself are drawn up exclusively in accordance with the APA standard (See Material Requirements). We strongly recommend that authors use high-quality foreign scientific literature published in reliable scientific journals (indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases). We urge you to minimize the use of "non-representative" sources - Internet resources that do not contain scientific information, textbooks and teaching aids. The list of sources should contain no more than 10% of sources, the author / co-author of which is the author of the manuscript submitted for consideration.

For more information, see Material Requirements.